East Africa: The True home of the African Safari

“Where a man feels at home, outside of where he’s born, is where he’s meant to go.” Ernest Hemingway, Green Hills of Africa

If you are looking for safari holiday destinations that continue to provide unrivalled nature- and cultural –travel experiences, East Africa becomes the natural choice. The region is home to the most pristine wilderness mainland Tanzania, inland Kenya and Swahili coastline of Zanzibar and Diani etc.

Extend your safari to Rwanda & Uganda

Virunga- ranges_rwanda_africa_nziza_odysseys

You can extend your safari to Rwanda and Uganda to view wildlife on both land and water, trekking gorillas in their natural habitat(Mgahinga National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Volcanoes National Park) and chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest and Kibale National Park, spotting the elusive shoebill stork in Murchison Falls and Mamba Swamp on the northern shores of Lake Victoria which makes Uganda and Rwanda the most beautiful corners on the planet.


The recent reintroduction of the big five in Akagera National Park including Lions and Rhinos to the country of Rwanda after a 10-year absence makes your safari across the land of a thousand hills even more remarkable.

Kenya: The Land of the Maasai People & Mara


When you think of the Maasai People and Maasai Mara, you are probably thinking of Kenya. For many travelers, the Mara along the adjacent Serengeti encapsulates the African experience.

The Mara is known as of the finest wildlife destinations in the world and not surprisingly, it is the most visited of Kenya’s wildlife destinations especially during the migration when guest-laden safari vehicles throng the banks of the Mara to watch wildebeest herds cross the river. There’s an excellent chance of spotting the big cats hunting their prey, elephant, giraffe, crocodile, leopard, cheetah, hippo and gazelles. The Maasai are synonymous with the Maasai Mara and their beaded jewelry make them instantly recognizable.

Best destinations for nature & sightseeing:

  • Maasai Mara National Reserve,
  • Amboseli National Park,
  • Tsavo East & Tsavo West National Parks,
  • Mountain Kenya & Solio Ranch,
  • Lewa Conservancy,
  • Lake Nakuru National Park,
  • Kisite Marine National Park

Best destinations for culture:

  • Maasai Manyatta,
  • Maasai Mara National Reserve,
  • Il Ngwesi Lewa Conservancy The Bomas of Nairobi and Lamu

Best destinations for beach stays:

  • Diani,
  • Lamu,
  • Malindi,
  • Watamu,
  • Mombasa

Tanzania: The Land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar & Serengeti

Tanzania Lions
Tanzania is home to Africa’s highest Mountain; the Kilimanjaro, the Zanzibar archipelago which is famous for its spices and Serengeti National Park which is famous for its prides of lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceroses, and buffalo plus the annual migration of millions of white bearded wildebeest. Just to the southeast of the park is Olduvai Gorge, where many of the oldest hominid fossils and artifacts have been found.

North of the eastern coast of Dar es Salaam lies the Zanzibar Archipelago, a semi-autonomous territory of Tanzania which is famous for its spices. The coast is home to areas of East African mangroves, mangrove swamps that are an important habitat for wildlife on land and in the water.

Best destinations for nature & sightseeing:

  • Serengeti National Park,
  • Ngorongoro Crater Area,
  • Arusha National Park,
  • Kilimanjaro National Park,
  • Lake Manyara National Park,
  • Tarangire National Park,
  • Selous National Park,
  • Mahale Mountains National Park,
  • Mikumi & Udzungwa

Best destinations for culture:

  • Maasai Manyatta,
  • Tarangire and Ngorongoro,
  • Usambara Mountains and Zanzibar Archipelago

Best destinations for beach stays:

  • Zanzibar
  • Mafia
  • Pemba

Rwanda: The Land of a thousand Hills


Mention Rwanda to anyone with a small measure of geopolitical conscience, and that person will no doubt recall the images of the horrific genocide that brutalized this tiny country in 1994. A densely- populated country with most people living in rural areas, a miraculous transformation has been wrought and today the country is one tribal unity, political stability and a promising future.

Rwanda is one of Africa’s most biodiverse regions and home to the rare mountain gorilla and golden monkey that you can track through bamboo forests in the shadow of the Virunga volcanoes. These conical mountains are shrouded in equatorial jungles and helped earn Rwanda the deserved moniker of ‘Le Pays des Milles Collines(Land of a Thousand Hills).

Best destinations for nature & sightseeing:

  • Akagera National Park,
  • Nyungwe Forest,
  • Volcanoes National Park

Best destinations for culture:

  • Ibyi’wacu culture centre
  • Volcanoes National Park

Best destinations for beach stays:

  • Gisenyi

Uganda: The Microcosm of Africa


Emerging from the shadows of dark history, a new dawn of tourism has risen in Uganda, polishing a glint back into the ‘pearl of Africa’, travellers are streaming in to explore what is basically the best of everything the content has to offer.

Uganda on lies on the equator and for a relatively a small country, it is home to the tallest mountain in Africa, the source that feeds the world’s longest river- the Nile and Africa’s largest fresh water body Lake Victoria. It is remote, unspoilt parks teem with big game, half of the world’s last remaining endangered mountain gorillas and primates to tick off.

Best destinations for nature & sightseeing:

  • Kidepo Valley,
  • Murchison Falls,
  • Queen Elizabeth,
  • Kibale,
  • Bwindi,
  • Mgahinga,
  • Lake Mburo

Best destinations for culture:

  • Bwindi,
  • Mgahinga,
  • Sipi,
  • Kidepo
  • Emburara Farm

Best destinations for beach stays:

  • Bulago island
  • Ssese Island

The Swahili Coast of Zanzibar

Swahili Coast

The Zanzibar archipelago is comprised of over 50 islands, nestling in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, 36km off the eastern coast of Africa. The main inhabited islands are Unguja(Zanzibar), Pemba and Tumbatu.

Zanzibar lies 6 degrees south of the Equator and enjoys a tropical climate. Temperatures are generally warm all year round. Imagine staying at luxury beach resorts with brilliant white sandy beaches, lapped by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Beneath the surface, a take snorkel and mask for easy access to colourful coral and fantastic tropical fish. The island is also known as the “spice Island” due to the delicious variety of spices grown on the island’s many plantations.

One of the most exciting things about Zanzibar is its rich culture and history- a destination which brought seafarers and traders from and far and wide. You will see it in the cuisine, clothing, and architecture and at times of traditional gatherings like births, marriages, deaths, Eid, Dawali anda Mwaka Kogwa(Shiraz new year).

Best destinations for nature & sightseeing:

  • Mnemba Island,
  • Jozani Forest,
  • Spice Farms,
  • Kizimukazi,
  • Fumba,
  • Kilindi

Best destinations for culture:

  • Stone Town

Best destinations for beach stays:

  • Bweju,
  • Matemwe,
  • Nungwi

Photo credits: Governors collection, Safari Blue and Volcanoes Lodges

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