Desert Rhino Camp

Desert Rhino Camp has eight comfortable Meru-style tents and the main area that overlooks a sweeping plain that is dotted with Namibia’s national plant, the welwitschia. The campfire is where stories are told under Namibia’s star-studded skies.


Desert Rhino Camp is a remote, luxury safari camp located in the Palmwag Concession of northwest Namibia. The camp is named after the critically endangered black rhinoceros, which is one of the key species that guests have the opportunity to track and observe in the area. The camp features eight Meru-style tents that are elevated on wooden decks, each with en-suite bathrooms and outdoor showers. The main lodge area includes a lounge, bar, dining area, and a pool that overlooks the surrounding desert landscape. Guests can participate in game drives and guided walks to track black rhinos, as well as other wildlife such as elephants, lions, and giraffes. The camp also offers cultural experiences with the local Himba people, and guests can learn about conservation efforts in the area through interactions with local researchers and conservationists.

Cultural Visits
Game drives
Sky Safari
Out Door Shower
Lat: -20.024242075708123
Long: 13.846464147312993