Mihingo Lodge

Mihingo Lodge, a lavish eco-lodge, perches on a picturesque hill, with stunning vistas of a sprawling savannah teeming with an assortment of exotic wildlife, like zebras, giraffes, and impalas. The lodge offers a genuine, immersive nature experience to guests.


Mihingo Lodge is a luxurious eco-lodge located in Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda, East Africa. The lodge is situated on a hilltop overlooking a vast savannah landscape that is home to various wildlife, including zebras, giraffes, and impalas. The lodge offers guests a unique and immersive experience in nature, allowing them to connect with the beautiful landscape in the surrounding areas.

Mihingo Lodge is committed to promoting sustainable tourism and protecting the environment. The lodge is built using locally-sourced materials and operates on solar power, reducing its impact on the environment. Additionally, the lodge offers activities such as game drives, walking safaris, and horseback riding, all of which are conducted in an eco-friendly manner, ensuring that the wildlife and natural habitat are not disturbed.

Mihingo Lodge is also involved in community-based initiatives, including supporting local schools and providing employment opportunities to the surrounding communities. The lodge encourages guests to learn about the local culture and interact with the local people, promoting sustainable tourism and contributing to the local economy.

Overall, Mihingo Lodge provides a unique and unforgettable experience for guests while promoting sustainable tourism and preserving the beautiful landscape in the surrounding areas.

Cultural Visits
Game drives
Horse Riding
Lat: -0.4469
Long: 30.8500