Mount Gahinga Lodge

Mount Gahinga Lodge is located at the foothills of the Virunga Mountains, surrounded by lush tropical forests and stunning volcanic landscapes. The lodge offers a unique blend of luxury accommodation, authentic cultural experiences, and outdoor adventures, making it an ideal base for exploring southwestern Uganda.


Mount Gahinga Lodge is a luxury eco-lodge situated at the base of the Virunga Mountains in southwestern Uganda. The lodge promotes sustainable tourism and conservation by providing guests with a unique and immersive experience of the region’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

The lodge is built using locally sourced materials and operates on a solar-powered system, minimizing its impact on the environment. Mount Gahinga Lodge also supports the local community by sourcing its ingredients from nearby farms and hiring staff from neighbouring villages.

Guests can participate in a range of activities, including gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, bird watching, and cultural tours to nearby villages. The lodge also offers wellness retreats and yoga classes, providing a serene and peaceful retreat for travelers.

Overall, Mount Gahinga Lodge provides a sustainable and authentic experience of Uganda’s natural and cultural heritage, while supporting the local community and conservation efforts.

Bird Watching
Gorilla Trekking
Walking Safari
Lat: -1.382496
Long: 29.674768